These two pictures show where the roof leak manifested itself in the basement bathroom. We know for a fact that it is now dry, and so can scrape this area, do any plaster repair required, and re-paint. There is no need to delay this any longer, as we have definitely proven that we do not have anymore water ingress.

This is the upstairs bathroom ceiling. I pulled the fan cover down to inspect it. The fan runs full speed, but is not very efficient. The result is moisture damage to the ceiling paint, which you can see starting to flake off. We should replace this fan with a newer model which will be quieter and more powerful. This will remove moisture from the bathroom more effectively. Once that is accomplished we can then repaint the ceiling.

This is the bathtub upstairs. In past years it was painted, but the paint is now coming off. We can either re-paint or replace. It’s not critical to do either right now, but if we ever lose these tenants we’ll have to do it, so we should plan for it before then. I just bought a plain tub for one of my places for $179.00, but installation is on top of that. I’d still recommend replacement.

This is the door. It is old and delaminated. We can replace it. The tenants would like a door with a window, and will contribute to any extra cost.

This light has worn out and should be replaced.

Deck railing needs some clean up and paint, but we can do this next year.

Exterior trim, including fascias, will need to be painted. This could also be scheduled for next year.

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