Pay Your Rent Without Using A Cheque or Cash

We increasingly receive enquiries from tenants about how they can pay rent to us online so that they can avoid the hassle of writing cheques. There are three ways that you can pay your rent without using a cheque or cash:

  • Direct deposit at a Vancity (we need to provide some details to you);
  • Direct payment online if you already bank with Vancity (again, we need to provide some details to you);
  • Email transfer to us from just about any bank (you need our email address, we need a mutually agreed upon password, and you will likely incur a small charge from your bank).
  • RentMoola, which allows you to pay rent online with your credit card, and also provides you with a variety of perks!

Email Transfers:
The way we’ve received email payments successfully in the past is through the INTERAC e-Transfer email payment system. Your financial institution must be enrolled, but most are. You can determine whether yours is by visiting this site:

If your financial institution is on the list you’re in business. Simply log in to your online banking account and look for the INTERAC e-Transfer option. Follow their instructions and send the payment to ““. You will also have to send us a password so that we can access the funds. Until we receive both the payment transfer email and the password email you cannot consider your rent as paid. Any charges levied by your bank are your responsibility, but the charges should range from $1.00 to $2.50.


Rentmoola allows you to pay rent online with a credit card, allowing you to gain points as well as other perks. Access the MoolaPerks program for exclusive deals and rewards from your favourite stores and services. Availible exclusively to RentMoola members. Sign up today

For more information on how to how to pay your rent without using a cheque or cash please contact Chan at

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